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Whitstable Galvanised BBQ

  • £2750

Here it is… the little brother to our fantastic Holkham Bucket BBQ. If you are looking for something smaller than our original version then the Whitstable Galavanised BBQ is for you. Inspired by stories of local fisherman who would heat some of their catch cooked over coals in a scuttle; the Bucket BBQ was born.

Robust and sturdy, your BBQ will arrive ready to get started but please bear in mind that the rest of the products in our image are not included… just imagine a giftwrapped fish!

Dimensions D30 x H33cm

Tip: For vegetarians nothing barbecues better than aubergine. Cut in rounds, quite thickly and coat with oil before placing them on the grill. Prepared this way they make a perfect meat free burger topped off with feta cheese.

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