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Rufus Rabbit Baby Board Books

  • £750

Perfect little bedtime story books featuring our popular Rufus Rabbit character.

Rufus Rabbit is a friendly little bunny with a cheery face and flamboyant sense of style that children will love. 

Each board has beautiful text and complimentary pictures to make  gorgeous gift for tiny ones.


Baby Book text reads - 
"Did you know you're gorgeous, did you know you're good enough to eat, did you know your cuddles are golden, did you know your smile is sweet. 
Did you know I love you from the tops of your ears to the tips of your feet, did you know it's snooze time so snuggle down, sweet dreams and enjoy lots of lovely sleep."


Big 5 Countdown Book text reads - 

"5 Rufus Rabbits hopping and bopping on the dance floor;
one moonwalked away leaving only ...
4 Rufus Rabbits playing pirates on the high seas;
one walked the plank leaving only ...
3 Rufus Rabbits dressing up and swopping shoes;
one clip clopped away leaving only ...
2 Rufus Rabbits baking cakes and having messy fun;
one ate too many sweetie toppings leaving only ...
1 Rufus Rabbit exhausted from all that play,
snuggled up on Mummy's lap to recharge for another busy day."

Dimensions:  H15 x W15 x D1.3cm 

Available in baby and counting versions

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