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Priceless - Sterling Silver Tag For Ladies

  • £2000

Open it, write your message, seal it and give it, tell someone ’you’re priceless’. It’ll bring smiles and possibly tears.

What better way to say thank you… A simple hallmarked silver blank price tag for her to wear on the wrist or around the neck as a symbolic reminder of your love, friendship or simply as a thank you. Write your personal message in the card which is then ready to give to that amazing person in your life.

The wonderful Priceless hallmarked sterling silver tag is available on brown waxed cotton cord. The Priceless Gift Tag comes in a wonderful gift card with space to write your own special message, memories, thank you’s or feelings for the precious people in your life to remember forever…. priceless.

The tag comes on a meter length of cord allowing for enough excess for you to keep in reserve.

Also available in a mens version: Priceless - Sterling Silver Tag For Men

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