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Portfolio Fragranced Candles

  • £2150

Quirky and sophisticated, this new range of fragranced candles are stunning... perfect presents or treats to scent your own home. Also available in indulgent fragranced reed diffusers.

Our favourite? 

It has to be Verbier.

Made with pride and care in the UK.



This fragrance is a sweet ambitious young woman, but one with a wit to floor grown men. An interestingly white floral, at first gentle but ending with pings of fresh tea... a puff of bergamot.



Rich as an oligarch and reminiscent of the colour of a sunset. The aroma is velvet wrapped exotic fruits, subtle rose, peppery leaves and the softest kiss of ‘can’t quite put your finger on it'.



Fan of Winter?... We absolutely love the complex tones of resin followed with notes reminiscent of alpine flowers and champagne. As exhilarating as its’ namesake...



 An enigmatic but solemn fairytale. A hint of a library on a warm afternoon, a whisper of an empty church. Definitely woody with a dusting of gentle spice and a hint of snuffed out candle.



 A fragrance as unique as its’ namesake and just as pink. A tone of rosy notes with soft spices and an almost imperceptible drizzle of citrus juice. A fragrance wearing pretty dancing shoes.


Angel's Share

A gorgeous blend of herbs and citrus with bay strongly featuring. Distinctive and cleansing, perfect for relaxing spaces with just a touch of the mystical surrounding it. 


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