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Enamelware Tide Clock

  • £5250

An ideal gift for all budding sailors and seaside dwellers or even those of us who wish home was a little closer to a beach!!
This Tide Clock has been carefully designed to rotate twice each period to give you a quirky, quick and simple indication of high and low water timings.

How does a tide clock work?

Tides are caused by many factors, but by far the most influential is the moon’s gravitational pull on the ocean. It takes the moon on average 24hrs, 50 minutes and 28 seconds to reappear at the same place in the sky, during this period most areas in the world have two high tides and two low tides.

There are many other influences on sea levels that affect exact tide times including strong onshore and offshore winds and variations in atmospheric pressure and we do recommend all users take due care and notice of these.

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