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Once upon a time I had a dream...

Almost nine years ago that dream became a reality and just after the birth of my second precious son, Lily and Lime also came to life! 

Plenty has changed over the years, but the original vision remains and the inspiration too... 

"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home" (John Howard Payne) 

At Lily and Lime we live life with enthusiasm and much laughter. We love splashing in the rain and picnicking in the garden, we love sharing meals with friends and we have an almost obsessional fondness for new books, crisp bedlinen and lists. We think penguins are fantastic, finger painting is fabulous, cake is healthy because it makes us smile and truly, there is "no place like home". 

Now we are a little team of four, not big, but we like to think, perfectly formed and passionate about all that we do. We love to work closely with innovative British designers to select a unique range of fabulous products, and then we go one step further and giftwrap every purchase, it's what we call service and it's important to us, because it makes your day, and it makes you smile. 

We are inspired by our homes and lives, and we believe that nurturing the places where we live, as well as the people most precious to us, shows the love we have for place and space as well as the products which make houses into homes and products into precious presents. 

Enjoy discovering Lily and Lime whether online, whilst browsing our mail order brochure or when visiting our boutique based in the beautiful South Derbyshire town of Melbourne. 

We would love to hear your feedback 

Kirsten Bridge

Founder of Lily and Lime Home


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