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What Is Love?

Posted by Kirsten Bridge on

Valentine's day looms and we are persuaded that in 365 days this is the big one for romance... hearts, flowers, cards and champagne.

We have plenty of suggestions if you are seeking the ideal gift for your loved one, just take a look in our Valentine's Day range, pop into our little shop or telephone us and we will be more that delighted to help you choose something ideal, but this blog isn't actually about buying gifts at all...

I love grand gestures as much as the next person but really, truthfully it's the small gestures that touch me. 

Recently I have really rediscovered music and that sounds even stranger than my first admittance that I wasn't going to talk about the perfect present when that's what Lily and Lime prides itself on providing!  It's not that my life has been a musical wasteland the past few years, but sometimes music seems to have greater importance to me.  

Favourite tunes have the power to move emotions in the same way that lines of a much loved play or book can, and more recently singer songwriters Ed Sheeran and Emelie Sande have made me stop and really think about all that love means in the widest possible sense.

Perhaps on Valentine's Day we should also take time to recognise the importance of love given to and received from friends and family members as well as from "significant others", arguably they provide the glue to keeping body and soul together through life's journey, as much as your partner for those lucky enough to be with their soulmate.

One of our newest suppliers describes love perfectly for me with a blend of searing honesty, romantic notion and genuine passion  and their beautiful artwork blends some of my favourite prose in contemporary and in some cases quirky ways...


"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you... "(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)   

"Do you love me beacuse I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me" (Oscar Hammerstein)


So back to those small gestures then... kind words, concentrating on one person when they are speaking without allowing distractions, unexpected and genuine compliments, playing music that makes your loved ones happy whether you like it or not and maybe just maybe if you absolutely insist... I will admit that diamonds are fine too


Happy (nearly) Valentine's Day  x

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