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Frosty Days and Chilly Nights

Posted by Kirsten Bridge on

Thoughts for January, sent with love... 

Cold winter days warm hearts and toes
hand knitted snuggle candles whiteout
hot gluwein in flickering candlelight
spicy scents cool crisp air baking
woollen patterned throws sofa day
relax solitary jack frost slow down
reread a classic by the fire
frozen streams January red noses 
hearth chestnuts quilt solstice bitter declutter
icing sugar dusting fairydust kindling
unending peace icy stillness renewal boldness
snowflakes fall silently comfort food

Burn tapers cosy indulgence New Year
pristine landscape sparkling undiscovered mysteries  
brave chilly weather scarves mittens
dazzling magical cleansing white snow
pyjama day duvet purple chocolate ski
sparkle beanie desolate firtree hibernate
fleecy blanket pinecones harsh north wind
snow flurries giddy excitement and shivers
delicate lacy patterns on windows and ponds
joy fresh footprints frozen forever
incense pomegranate echo new hope
pillow fight of angels floating softly down  

Hottie resolution hibernate melt sledge
Valentines Day just around the corner
board games gentle mist home firewood
Janus vanillasugar gift family beginning
wrap up skating gingerbread snowman
slush woodstove sneeze bright light calm
wellies gleaming ice fresh start peaceful 
vast mountains  feather duvets gentle swirling
cleanse chill slippery feed the birds heal
drift sleep icicles like crystal build a snowman
snowangels appearing quiet woodland loss
cold winter days warm hearts and toes

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