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Message to All Mums

Posted by Kirsten Bridge on

It's been a busy week, in a busy month, in a busy year and tomorrow it's Mother's Day.

My own, precious Mum won't be sharing the day with us as she is returning from much needed holidays, so for the first time since arrival of no1 child nearly nine years ago, we will be celebrating Mothers Day for me! 

Cake?... I hope so, ideally homemade and the more "boldly" decorated by my precious boys, the better.  Cards? Once again homemade rules and glitter is essential. Flowers are always a winner, but picked in the garden and presented with a joyfully discovered pinecone or leaf will hit the mark from small people. Husband, please note, this does not apply for gifts from you to me, and the rather wonderful team at The Blossom Tree  will be only to pleased to help with selection and organisation for future purchases. 

Frequently I receive the comment "With your job, you must be a nightmare to choose gifts for", actually no, a cup of coffee made with care, a favourite book, given to me pre-loved with a personal recommendation or a bar of chocolate and I'm happy, because it's the love that's the important bit. Perhaps "With my job" that is a surprising thing to say but in our shop we are always glad to help customers in gift selection and we hope we try to help to find the perfect gift or treat, certainly not simply the most expensive item that a customer may purchase if encouraged.

So this Mothers Day, perhaps you, or your own Mother may be hoping for something similar to me?

Sunshine... inside our home if the outside weather doesn't oblige.

Time to smell the roses, proverbially or actually... I really don't mind

Any gift, flowers, card, cake, made or selected with love and presented with care... I do love a ribbon or two!

One last thought to share with you all, I firmly believe that  

"Diamonds are fabulous but hugs are better"


Happy Mothers Day

Kirsten x


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