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Paint selections and meeting the new neighbours

Posted by Kirsten Bridge on

April arrives and as the shop completion draws ever closer, I am taking the time to muse on some strange experiences of the last month.

We have now looked at every paint colour known to man, or at least to Farrow and Ball, and have discovered that paint apparently comes in "Elephants Breath", "Mouse's Back",  and "Skimming Stone" as well as the rather more mundane "Magnolia" and "Taupe". Along the way, I decided in my wisdom, that this would be the perfect time to repaint another room at home. This decision has not received total appreciation from all family members, but at least we now know what the aforementioned "Skimming Stone" looks like and surprise, surprise, its a kind of cream although I have managed to convince myself that you can tell it isn't!

"Meeting the neighbours", even the phrase is slightly daunting, so imagine meeting more than ten of them in one evening which I did recently. As the shop opens we have the fantastic opportunity to become part of a well established and close-knit commercial community within Melbourne, and in taking the time to meet fellow business owners, we have discovered a keenness to work communally, sharing talents and experience for the mutual benefit of all. Our new home town is a local centre for excellence in independent retail and we are delighted to become part of all that means. 

Our new shop will be based in Williams Yard, a beautiful new development within the Georgian town centre, with a very definite foot in the past and focus on the future. A combination of well established businesses including one of my personal favourites, The Blossom Tree florist, and those of us new to high-street retail, I believe that the redevelopment of this area and the extension to the "high street" that this will provide, will give locals and visitors a unique shopping experience. We plan to open in June so further launch news as its happens...       

Media coverage of our products has been particularly strong over the last few months, and it is even more exciting when we come across media professionals who want to hear our story as well as feature our ranges. We are thrilled to be included in Boutique of the Week on the brilliant website MyDaily, which is co-edited by Dannii Minogue. The interview questions made me really think about our business whilst realising how far we have travelled on the Lily and Lime journey.  We look forward with anticipation to the next exciting chapter.      

Incidently before I go, there are a couple of things you should know about paint colours, "Blackened" is infact white to any untrained eye, "Mizzle" is nicer than you might imagine and finally, "Ball Green" is grey so don't make the mistake of imagining it in any way resembles green, it doesn't, you have been warned!

Happy April


NB: The neighbours were lovely! 

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