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Perfect Presents ... Gorgeously Giftwrapped

Posted by Kirsten Bridge on

August and early September has passed in a flurry of trade events and creative decision-making, "blue-sky thinking"? fortunately not, but certainly "brown box brainstorming".

Many of our new Winter products have arrived, so the inevitable and unavoidable chaos of cardboard and paperwork seems to be adding to the near global mountain of recycling we have. We regularly receive questions on our recycling policy and truthfully it is as simple as can be... We do... wherever and whenever possible. Commercially it makes great business sense, after all protective packaging is frighteningly expensive so why wouldn't we re-use? Ethically too, we believe that we have a commitment (as well as the desire) to minimise our environmental impact and even though we will not compromise on the "gifting experience" that our customers receive, we can do much to ensure that we are as "green" as can be.

In simple terms, Lily and Lime customers can expect to receive "Perfect Presents ...  Gorgeously Giftwrapped", in real terms this equates to supporting small predominantly British based designer makers and manufacturers to select a unique range of homeware and gift products. Products which are made abroad are shipped rather than "freight flown" and we don't believe that our customers mind us reusing perfectly serviceable outer boxes as long as the contents look as special as possible. We are currently sourcing a range of recycled labels to alert customers to this fact, and spread the message just a little bit further. All individual purchases are giftwrapped and we believe in using the best quality materials for this and we check the environmental policies of all of our packaging suppliers as carefully as we check those of our producers.       

So back to the seasonal tasks then; unpacking and checking all of our lovely new stock created by the talented designers we are delighted to work alongside. Our seasonal favourites? why not take a look as our new Retro Framed and Bus Blind Inspired Art and our new Utility range of practical enamelware products, then let us know your favourite pieces.

Happy September x


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