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Posted by Kirsten Bridge on

We love it when people give us feedback, the fact that customers take the time to let us know that they appreciate what we do and what we stand for brings smiles to our faces and sunshine to our hearts.

We are all too aware that there are plenty of other companies in our marketplace. Every day we try to be different in both our approach and our service and we hope that our customers know that we are hugely appreciate of their decision to choose us to supply their gifts and homeware products.

Two of our favourite customer compliments so far this month were both from brand new customers

“I just wanted to thank you for the ridiculously excellent customer service you’ve provided! My order arrived on Friday and I absolutely ADORE the French prints… I think I am going to have to buy another one once payday comes around again. It was such a speedy and helpful service and I thought I ought to say thanks. People always find the time to complain, but never to compliment – so have a big bunch of compliments on me and I’ll certainly be buying from you again in future” (Ms E Jackson, March 2010)

“Just got my new stainless steel platter, thanks – I LOVE IT” (Ms J Connor, March 2010)

Have you taken the time recently to thank those around you for all that they do? It may be a cliche but truly “Thank You” costs nothing yet means so much, and yes, it may just make someones day.

If “People don’t buy what you sell, they buy what you stand for” (M Butler, 2005) then perhaps a return to old fashioned manners and honesty with regards to both customers and suppliers also makes sensible business sense.
We choose our suppliers carefully and hope that we treat them as an extended part of our business, appreciating that without them we have nothing to offer our customers, so helping them to help us is just part of the way we choose to do business. In many cases designers and suppliers have also chosen us, whether as a preferential or exclusive retailer for their “gifts of gorgeousness” or indeed as a retailer for them to personally select gifts for their friends and family.

The nature of our company is that of flexibility in approach and progresive development so completing the sales process with suppliers makes great commercial sense for our business, but a universal return to old-fashioned values and manners will surely reap benefits all SME’s.

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