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Take time to laugh, it is the music of the soul" (Old English Proverb)

Here at Lily and Lime we love to laugh, we love to talk and we try not to take life too seriously.

We don’t have the hardest or indeed the most important job in the world, but we take pride in all that we do, and we like to spread a little happiness along the way. Put simply, we select gorgeous gifts from incredibly talented designers, then we market them to equally lovely customers who appreciate that “the best” is unlikely to be the cheapest, but that value can come in packages of all shapes and sizes.

We love to share our story and our products with both existing customers and new ones, and this February we have seen our mailing list grow considerably, and have enjoyed receiving lots of lovely feedback. We continue to explore the phenomenon of social networking and our Twitter and Facebook contributions seem to be meeting with approval.

Much of our Spring and early Summer stock has now arrived in a chaos of cardboard and sticky tape! My children have had a field day with the creative opportunities presented by these wonderful gifts, I mean the packaging incidentally not the stock! Indeed if the Mothering Awards were judged on provision of craft equipment, I would finally stand a chance of winning! Away from stock checking, we have been working closely with a number of journalists to fulfill product image requests so we look forward to lots more press interest in the forthcoming months.

Spring is such an opportune time to change and improve and the web developments that have been so long in the planning are finally beginning to reach the implementation stage. Over the next few months our site will see speed improvements and layout amendments to aid navigation, in addition to some special features that we believe will improve our customer’s browsing and shopping experience. We love to hear your feedback so we will be keeping you updated as and when the changes can be experienced.

Wherever and however you communicate with your loved ones and business contacts in the forthcoming weeks, enjoy taking the time to connect this Springtime and all of the positivity that traditionally accompanies the season.

Kirsten x

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